On this page you will find the study regulations, examination regulations and aptitude test regulations of the degree programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science at Leipzig University.

A stack of books symbolizes the study documents at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science. Photo: Colourbox
The study documents govern the content and organisation of the degree programme. Photo: Colourbox

Study, examination and aptitude assessment regulations

You can find the study documents for your degree programme on the university's central pages in the Official Announcements. The respective documents for each degree programme are linked below.

Please note that the download function under ”Official Announcements” may not be possible using Google Chrome. Please use another browser instead.

Teacher Training Programme

The study and examination regulations for the teacher training programme with the specialisation in Business and Administration will be linked here as soon as they have been published in the Official Announcements of the Leipzig University.

Study and Examination Regulations

Study and Examination Regulations (educational sciences)

Curricular Management

The Curricular Manager of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science manages the further development and quality assurance of the degree programmes at the Faculty in close cooperation with the institutes. This includes, among other things, supervising the amendment and new establishment processes of degree programmes, amending and rewriting study documents, supporting the subjects of the Faculty in the teaching report process and in the process of internal certification, as well as coordinating cooperation with other faculties. In addition, it also handles a large part of the communication with the affiliated committees (Study Commissions, Faculty Council, Rectorate Commission “Teaching – Studying – Examination“, Subject Area 21, Staff Office Quality Development in Teaching and Studying).

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