Structure of programmes

A pyramid symbolizes the structure of the economics and management science program at the Leipzig University. Photo: Colourbox

Plan your course of studies

Orientate yourself in your studies with the help of the recommended study schedule for your degree programme to ensure an optimal course of study. In this way you know which modules you can enrol on at the beginning of the semester.

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Study and examination regulations

A stack of books symbolizes the study documents at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science. Photo: Colourbox

Study documents

The degree programmes are described in the study documents, which consist of the study and examination regulations for each degree programme. These regulations govern the content and organisation of the degree programme.

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Module enrolment

Here is an iconic image of the module enrollment system website, so called TOOL.

Enrolment in the modules

The degree programmes are modularised. The modules offered are published in the course catalogue. Students enrol electronically in the modules each semester and use this to register for the associated examinations.

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Examination matters

Students write an exam. Photo: Colourbox

Information on the examinations

Examinations are an important part of the degree programme. Here you will find information on registering for and deregistering from examinations, on examination dates as well as documents and forms that are important for your studies.

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Sign Study Office

Study Office

The Study Office organises your degree programme. Get to know your contact persons in the Study Office and find out who is responsible for what and how you can get in touch if you have any questions.

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Recognition of achievements

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Information on the internship

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AlmaWeb study portal

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