On this page, students of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science can find answers to frequently asked questions about the internship during their studies in the Bachelor's degree programmes.

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The learned study contents can be applied with the aid of an internship in a company. Photo: Colourbox

The Bachelor's degree programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science include various internships. The following information refers to the compulsory internship in the Bachelor of Economics and Management Science and the so-called commercial internship in the Bachelor of Business Education and Management Training (module number: 07-101-4206; 10 credit points).

Information on the compulsory internship as well as the possible voluntary internships in the Bachelor of Business Information Systems can be found on the Site of the Business Information Systems Institute. The Master's degree programmes do not include internships and they cannot be recognised there either (exception: International Energy Economics and Business Administration). In the subject area of Business and Administration (Teaching Profession at Vocational Schools), proof of at least twelve months of practical work in a vocational field or of completed vocational training in a vocational field must be submitted by the time of registration for the first state examination. The practical work related to the vocational field can, for example, be provided in the form of internships or work-study activities in the commercial field during the course of study. For advice on the professional internship, please contact the Institute of Business Education and Management Training.

In the Bachelor's degree programme in Economics and Management Science, the module "Internship" (module no. 07-101-4206) is generally a compulsory internship or compulsory module in the field of subject-related key qualifications. In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Education and Management Training, this is a compulsory elective module, as students can choose between the modules "Study Abroad" (module no. 07-101-5209) and “Internship“ (module no. 07-101-4206).

The study-related internship should be completed in the course of the fourth or fifth semester. It is advisable to use the lecture and exam-free period for this.

No. A module registration is not necessary and also not possible. If the submitted internship report (see below) meets the requirements, you will automatically be registered for the module and the achievement will be recorded in the credit account. This usually takes place within three to four weeks of the submission of the report.

The internship must last a total of 6 weeks with a weekly working time of 40 hours. If the working hours are shorter, the duration of the internship is extended accordingly. Longer, voluntary internship periods are expressly advocated as a valuable supplement to university vocational qualification.

The internship may be split up into a maximum of two periods and/or companies. As a result, two internship reports must also be submitted.

Only activities that are clearly related to the economics content of the Bachelor's degree programme, i.e. of a commercial/administrative nature, and which are carried out during the course of study in a company with the intention of making a profit and which has a commercial business operation, will be recognised. Corresponding activities in public administration or in associations can also be recognised. The social security status of the student during the internship is not decisive (i.e. activities as part of a working student activity can also be recognised). An internship completed abroad during the course of study can also be recognised. Internships completed before your studies and work as an assistant at a university are not recognised. Involvement in a non-profit organisation is also generally not recognised. If in doubt, please contact Mr Heinisch.

The Career Service of Leipzig University offers further information on the general conditions of internships; concrete job offers can be found on the Job portal of the Career Service or at the Job agency of the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

The following information is required on approx. 5 pages:

  • Cover sheet with personal details of the student, the essential data of the internship partner, the period completed as well as the weekly working hours
  • Brief presentation of the internship partner
  • Field(s) of activity, detailed description of the detailed description of the activities carried out (bullet points are not sufficient).
  • Assessment of the internship/relationship to studies
  • Signature of the student and the internship partner (including confirmation by means of a company stamp) in the original*.

Please submit the printed internship report with the original signatures to the Study Office; please refrain from placing the report in a binder or foil - a staple or paper clip will suffice.

* The signature of the internship partner may be replaced by an attached copy of a qualified work/internship certificate. The certificate must contain the usual mandatory information of a business letter.

The report should be submitted to the Study Office at the following address no later than three weeks after the last day of the internship:

Leipzig University
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät (Faculty of Economics and Management Science)
Studienbüro (Study Office)
Grimmaische Straße 12
04109 Leipzig.

You can also submit the internship report addressed to this address to the deadline letterbox at Leipzig University. The deadline letterbox is located in the entrance area of Goethestraße 6, 04109 Leipzig. If you would like confirmation of receipt, please send the report by registered post. Alternatively, you can bring it to the study office in person during office hours.

In the case of an internship that is split up, the deadline applies to both reports.

No. Nevertheless, you should have a qualified internship certificate issued by the employer for your later application. This can alternatively be attached to the internship report and replaces the confirmation of the report by the employer (see above question on the preparation of the report).

The internship can be recognised on the basis of commercial or other relevant vocational training. In this case, send an informal written application (submitting a copy of the training certificate) to the Study Office. An internship completed abroad during your studies can also be recognised. Internships completed before the degree programme cannot be recognised. The application can be submitted by post to the following address:

Universität Leipzig
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
IPF 170021
04081 Leipzig.

Alternatively, you can also submit the application addressed to this address in the deadline letterbox of the University of Leipzig. The deadline letterbox is located in the entrance area of Goethestraße 6, 04109 Leipzig.



The internship report is usually assessed within three to four weeks of submission. If the submitted internship report (see above) fulfils the requirements, the credit points will be credited to your account. If the report does not fulfil the requirements or if there are still questions, we will contact you by email.

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