Bachelor's degree programmes

The Bachelor's degree is the first academic degree and the first professional qualification awarded by a higher education institution. Our Bachelor's degree programmes extend over six semesters (three years) and conclude with a Bachelor of Science qualification (B. Sc.).

Consecutive Master's degree programmes

A consecutive Master's programme follows on from a Bachelor's programme and ends at our faculty with the academic degree Master of Science (M. Sc.) as a university degree that further qualifies you professionally. Our Master's degree programmes extend over four semesters (two years).

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Postgraduate Master's degree programmes

A postgraduate Master's degree requires a Bachelor's degree and vocational experience. It is completed at our faculty with the academic degree Master of Science (M. Sc.) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) and extends over four semesters (two years).

Teaching profession for vocational schools

A teacher training programme qualifies students to enter the teaching profession and lasts ten semesters (five years). It concludes with the first state examination.

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Subject area business and administration

The subject area Business and Administration can be studied at Leipzig University within the framework of the degree programme Teacher Training for Vocational Schools.

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Für ein Studium an der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät muss man sich online bewerben.. Foto: Colourbox

Notices on the application procedure

You need different documents to apply for one of the coveted study places in the various degree programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science. Find out more about the procedure here.

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