The degree programme comprises six semesters (three years), beginning in the winter semester and ending with a vocational Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Economics and Management Science is composed of business and economics modules and thus offers a broad education in economics. More information about the contents of the degree programme, the course of studies and how to apply for this programme can be found on this page.

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Students of economics take notes. Photo: Christian Hüller / Leipzig University, SUK

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management Science

The degree programme combines topics and perspectives from management science and economics and thus forms the basis of a holistic education in economics and management science. In the first semesters, students deal with topics and questions of management administration and economics. You will acquire knowledge in the areas of business law, business information systems, mathematics and statistics. In the course of the degree programme, it is possible to choose a qualification direction and specialise in “Sustainability Management”, ”Banking and Insurance” or ”Corporate Accounting, Financing and Taxation”, for example. The degree qualifies students for a wide range of jobs, for example in companies, in the public sector or in planning offices and authorities. In addition, the Bachelor's degree prepares students for further academic work and is a prerequisite for admission to a Master's degree programme.

  • Completed qualification: Bachelor of Science
  • Accreditation: accredited within the framework of the system accreditation of Leipzig University
  • Standard period of study: 6 semesters
  • Scope: 180 credit points
  • Start: Winter semester

The Bachelor's programme in Economics and Management Science is modularised and follows a clear structure. It is recommended that you complete your studies in the following order. The recommended study schedule that has been graphically prepared can be downloaded here.

1st semester

  • Introduction to Economics and Management Science
  • Accounting technology
  • Information Science
  • Mathematics for Economics and Management Science I
  • Civic and Public Law


2nd semester

  • External and internal accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Mathematics for Economics and Management Science II
  • Commercial and company law


3rd semester

  • Marketing and Services 
  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics and probability


4th semester

  • Investment and taxation
  • Econometrics
  • State and economy


5th/6th semester

  • Key qualifications (semester abroad possible)/compulsory elective field/internship and Bachelor's thesis (the order is optional here)
  • possible qualification directions:
    • “Sustainability and Energy Management”
    • “Banking and Insurance“
    • “Accounting, Finance and Taxation”
    • “Economics”

Application requirements

  • Higher education entrance qualification (or certificate recognised as equivalent by the competent state authority)
  • Language skills: English B2

Application procedure

The Bachelor's degree programme in Economics and Management Science participates in the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV). In this respect, a two-step application process is necessary:

1. Registration in the application portal of the Foundation for University Admission – with your application you will receive an Applicant Identification Number (Applicant ID) and an Applicant Authentication Number (AAN).

2. Application in the AlmaWeb portal of Leipzig University, stating the applicant ID and AAN (from point 1).

If you have any questions about the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure or technical problems during the application process, please contact the staff of our Student Office.


Please refer to the Application section for the relevant application deadlines.


If more applications are received than there are places available, admission depends on an internal Numerus Clausus (NCU) of the final grades of the general university entrance qualification.

We strongly recommend that you use the online self-assessment for our Bachelor's degree programmes before applying. Using this self-test, you can check your expectations, skills and interests and receive detailed feedback on how well the degree programmes suit you.

"Das sagt der Student" Wirtschaftswissenschaften (B.Sc.) studieren

"What the student says" | Studying Economics and Management Science (B. Sc.)

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