As part of the Bachelor's programme, the Chair of Human Resources Management
offers a generalistic module - Business Management. Further information about the content and the procedure can be found on this page.

enlarge the image: Lehrerin schreibt etwas an die Tafel, während Schüler und Schülerinnen aufmerksam schauen. Foto: Colourbox
Foto: Colourbox

Course Business Management

The basic functions of Business Management and strategic management are presented. The thematic focal points include organisation, basic features of human resources management and risk management.

After active participation in the course Business Management, students will be able to describe basic models of corporate management and place them in their practical context as well as compare business management strategies. Students are able to apply their knowledge in teams to solve practical case studies and design their own solution strategies. In addition, they are able to assess and discuss current incidents.

For lectures and exercises there are no separate enrollments required at the professorship. Further and future information (including scripts) on the lecture and the exercise will be made available for you on the learning platform Moodle (Faculty of Economics / Institute for Service and Relationship Management). The passwords for the registration for the course on Moodle can be found in AlmaWeb and in the showcase in front of room I453.

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