In more and more sectors, the use of information systems to support their business has become indispensable. Examples include service providers such as banks and insurance companies, trade or the manufacturing industry as well as public administration. The higher information intensity of products through embedded systems and the increasing cross-company networking of application systems - currently also referred to as digitalisation - leads to a further increase in information intensity, which represents both a competitive advantage and a necessity. For the development and use of business information systems, the business informatics degree programme provides well-founded knowledge at the interface between business informatics and computer science. It opens up highly attractive professional development opportunities that are by no means limited to the technical field.

You can find an overview of the Business Information Systems degree programme here.

Business Information Systems is an independent degree programme that has led to an accredited Bachelor's degree since the winter semester 2005. In the winter semester 2009/10, the likewise accredited Master's programme in Business Information Systems replaced the diploma programme. According to the regulations of the University of Leipzig, the study of Business Information Systems (both in the Bachelor's and Master's programme) is also possible as a part-time study. In the case of a part-time study, the student workload per year is reduced according to the proportion of part-time study. The standard period of study is extended accordingly. The examination board decides on the proportion of part-time studies upon application by the student (see examination regulations).

Felix Hötzel

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Bild von Felix Hötzel, Foto: IWI

"The Bachelor's programme in Business Information Systems prepares me very well for my professional life with its broad technical and practical training. In particular, the opportunity to complete an internship at a leading company during the entire 5th semester has significantly expanded my social and professional skills. The intensive insight into the diverse tasks of a business informatics specialist strengthened my decision about my career direction. I was also able to significantly expand my professional network. The degree programme is not easy, but I have found exactly the right thing for me."

Jan Niklas Friedrich

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"The Bachelor's programme in Business Informatics at the University of Leipzig offers first-class framework conditions for an academic education. Especially the many cooperations with companies in the region promise the potential for initial contact with interesting employers. The basic modules gave me a very good orientation for selecting the elective modules offered in the last semesters. With the completion of the Bachelor's programme, I feel professionally and organisationally able to fill a vacancy according to my qualifications."

Academic Advisory Service

Here you will find information on the programme coordinators for the Master's and Bachelor's programmes, as well as on the subject academic advisory service.

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Prof. Dr. André Ludwig


WINF/Informationssysteme in der Logistik (JP)
Grimmaische Straße 12, Room I 247
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 33842

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Prof. Dr. Patrick Zschech


Wirtschaftsinformatik, insb. Intelligente Informationssysteme und -prozesse
Grimmaische Straße 12, Room I 203
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 33780

 Andreas Barton

Andreas Barton

Research Fellow

Grimmaische Straße 12, Room IZ 10
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 33615
Fax: +49 341 97 - 33729

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Bachelor programme Business Information Systems

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Internship Business Information Systems Bachelor

Internship Business Information Systems Bachelor programme

Information on the scalable (compulsory) internship, which is part of the Business Information Systems B.Sc. degree programme.

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