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Additional Seminar in June at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science

Overall objectives of the seminar

The main objective is to explain the breakthrough of the E-Administration in the Spanish Public Law, its profits and difficulties. How well does E-Administration work in Spain and Germany?

Number of ECTS credits for Bachelor students

1 ECTS credit for  

  • attending the four programmed sessions
  • passing a test (five questions over ten)
  • participating in the debate and submitting a brief comment

Language of seminar

Spanish (as an extra bonus)


5th to 8th June 2023, 17.15-18.45


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,

Campus Augustusplatz, Institutsgebäude, SR 16 = I 315


Francisco Manuel Barrera López
Associate professor
Faculty of Labour Relations & Human Resources
University of Granada (Spain)