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On April 5, 2023, the Faculty of Economics and Management Science will host a Townhall Lunch for the first time. The Townhall Lunch is intended to present various support services to interested employees of the Faculty. This includes, after a short introductory information block, moderated topic islands on the following main topics:

  1. Professional perspectives and further education for scientists of the WiFa.
    Moderator: Ms. Schoder, Career Service of the University of Leipzig
  2. compatibility of family and career
    Moderator: Mr. Teichert, Staff Office for Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Family
  3. health offers of the University of Leipzig; dealing with uncertainties and personal challenges
    Moderator: Ms. Korek (if necessary, Mr. Arndt)
  4. faculty affairs
    Moderator: Dr. Diesener

This is prompted by the 2021 Employee Survey in which academic employees articulated the following problems, among others:

- Too much to handle at once, time pressure.

- Too little support with regard to career paths outside the university and academic institutions.

- Shared ideas about how faculty should develop.

- Time for scientific qualification.

- Temporary employment contract, although a detailed evaluation of these statements showed that the understanding of the reasons is high. Rather, there is dissatisfaction with the uncertainty of the employment situation and the dilemma of finding a healthy balance between scientific career and family, honorary office, time off, extreme demands.

In the context of the Townhall-Lunch, the scientific mid-level staff is given the opportunity to address and discuss concrete needs and wishes and to inform themselves about follow-up events.

Anonymous needs can also be registered by dropping a note into a box.

Although the Townhall Lunch is aimed at the academic mid-level staff of the faculty, the participation of nonacademic staff and the university lecturers of the faculty is also expressly desired. As immediate supervisors and as colleagues in the team, this results in a mutual understanding and knowledge of problems, needs and offers. Of course, these participants can also contribute their own ideas and wishes.

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere, to promote exchange and to take into account the time window during the lunch period, the Townhall Lunch will be accompanied by a small catering service.

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