Experience the options of studying for an Economics and Management Science degree programme at Leipzig University. Find out which of our diverse Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes pique your interest and which new paths you can open up for yourself by studying at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science.

enlarge the image: The front view of the detail of the lettering "Universität Leipzig" on the Augusteum seen from Augustusplatz.
Leipzig University. Photo: Colourbox
Das Foto zeigt den Studiendekan der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Leipzig, Herr Professor Roland Happ.

We are delighted that you are interested in a degree programme in Economics and Management Science in Leipzig! We offer ideal study conditions with our diverse range of courses, committed lecturers and a very good quality of supervision.

Prof. Dr. Roland Happ, Dean of Studies

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Interdisciplinary collaboration

Leipzig University is a classical comprehensive university with a very broad range of academic subjects that stimulate and develop each other in an overlapping collaboration between the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and medical sciences. The Faculty of Economics and Management Science is committed to this tradition and promotes collaboration between the disciplines in research and teaching in a special way.

Broad range of studies

The history of economics and management science at Leipzig University dates back to 1764, when the first chair for "Oeconomic und Cameralwissenschaften" (Economics and Cameral Science) was established. Today, the Faculty of Economics and Management Science at Leipzig University comprises more than 30 chairs assigned to the departments of Management Science and Economics, Information Systems, Business Education and Management Training as well as Sustainability Engagement. The understanding of economics and management science as a holistic science is expressed, among other things, in a broad range of studies, including international degree programmes, and the work of teachers from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and economic fields. The faculty's postgraduate courses deal with issues such as development economics, sustainability and the environment, as well as insurance management.

Linking of research and teaching

Research and teaching are interdependent. Their connection is an indispensable characteristic of university science. The Faculty of Economics and Management Science strives for a balanced relationship between research and training, participation and mediation. Here, the development of students' professional, methodological, social and personal skills during their studies is a process involving increasing participation in research. The degree programmes impart the necessary skills for the students to successfully prove themselves in non-university professions with a business connection and support the development of skills for participation in research up to independent, responsible research at a high scientific level. In accordance with the interdisciplinary claim of the Faculty, teaching and research are interdisciplinary. The goals are achieved through undergraduate Bachelor's degree programmes with a clear organisation of studies, practice-oriented teaching content as well as in-depth areas of specialisation, which provide students with room for the exemplary testing of their skills and development of their inclinations, through consecutive Master's degree programmes with a pronounced research orientation and diverse specialisation options, and through attractive postgraduate degree programmes. In addition, the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is involved in the training of teachers and thus in the provision of public services with its subject area in business and administration in the teaching profession for vocational schools. Participation in high-level research is promoted through national and international networking of researchers with institutes, universities and companies, through third-party funded research and through international degree programmes.

360° campus tour of Leipzig University

Experience the Leipzig University in 360° video: With the virtual campus tour, you can stroll through university locations in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Left, right, up, down - turn your gaze in all directions and discover the campus in an all-round view.

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