This page gives you an overview of the activities of our Student Representative Council at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science at Leipzig University.

enlarge the image: Lecture in the Audimax, photo: Franziska Frenzel
Lecture in the Audimax, photo: Franziska Frenzel

The Student Representative Council for Economics and Management Science at Leipzig University represents the interests of all students at the Faculty. The members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) are themselves students of different semesters from a wide range of economic disciplines. Every year, eleven members are directly elected by the students for one term of office. The elected members are supported in their work by a large number of freelance members.

The SRC primarily views its tasks in helping and advising students, in representing student interests in various university committees and generally in networking and exchanges between students and teachers.

The assistance provided to first-year students in economics and management science is particularly worth a mention. Every year at the beginning of the winter semester, the SRC organises the orientation phase - a week of events that includes, for example, the Dean's welcoming of new students, the opportunity for intensive student advice, help with module registration as well as a city rally including a barbecue evening and a semester kick-off party. In addition, the SRC provides first-year students with a small guidebook to help them get started with their studies.

Members of the SRC are student representatives on many university committees, such as the Student Council, the Faculty Council, study commissions or examination boards. In these committees, they represent the interests of the students and can thus have a say in the degree programmes at Leipzig University.

Additional activities of the SRC include

  • the offers of student counselling services (for example, on problems during studies or on studying abroad),
  • the organisation of events (for example, the Dies Academicus, the graduate ball of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science, the Poker League, etc.) as well as
  • communicating with students (for example, through newsletters, via social media or in weekly meetings).

Are you interested in supporting the SRC in its tasks and actively shaping the degree programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science? Then please contact the members of the SRC.

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