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12.09.2019: China's Overinvestment and International Trade Conflicts

In his new publication, "China's overinvestment and international trade conflict", Gunther Schnabl examines the sustainability of Chinese investments.[mehr]

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20.07.2019: Die Verteilungseffekte der Geldpolitik der Europäischen Zentralbank und deren Einfluss auf die politische Stabilität

In Gunther Schnabl's Working Paper wird die Geldpolitik der EZB und deren Einfluss analysiert. Das starke Geldmengenwachstum hat negative Wachstums- und Verteilungseffekte, die über finanzielle Repression, Lohnrepression und...[mehr]

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16.07.2019: New publication: taxes and marriage timing

Alexander Fink's paper "Income taxation and the timing of marriage" is  forthcoming in Applied Economics. An older working paper version of it can be accessed here.[mehr]

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19.06.2019: Überinvestment in China und internationaler Handelskonflikt

In seinem CESifo Working Paper, „China’s overinvestment and international trade conflict„, untersucht Gunther Schnabl die Nachhaltigkeit chinesischer Investitionen.[mehr]

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17.04.2019: Central Banking and Crisis Management from the Perspective of Austrian Business Cycle Theory

In this article Gunther Schnable analyzes the evolution and effects of central bank crisis management since the mid-1980s based on a Hayek-Mises-Wicksell overinvestment framework. It is shown that given that the traditional...[mehr]

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