The research activities carried out within the International SEPT Competence Center of Leipzig University have a strong focus on International Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems.

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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and International Entrepreneurship

In academia, diverse insights relating to the mechanisms and factors are available to explain the emergence of growth of entrepreneurship. There is a wide consensus refers to the role of framework conditions as the key determinants for facilitating entrepreneurship. The framework conditions are conceptualized as an ecosystem where economic, socio-cultural, and political factors interact and influence people's inclination and ability to carry out the entrepreneurial activities in different ways.

Such environment includes different agents, e.g. formal and informal institutions that affect entrepreneurs' choice of concepts, scope, form, and operations of ventures. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is greatly context embedded. When entrepreneurs plan or run their ventures in international perspective, entrepreneurs need to understand and work in differential entrepreneurship ecosystem. SEPT research group focuses on generating more understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystem with differential locus of scope, measurements, and methodology.

Key research focus

  • Understanding why and how entrepreneurial ecosystems produce a difference in entrepreneurial outputs in heterogeneous contexts.
  • Examine how entrepreneurs adjust in between different entrepreneurial ecosystem in the case of practicing international entrepreneurship.
  • Investigate how the minority entrepreneurs (diaspora, ethnic groups, and migrants) assess and adjust to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in their host economies.

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