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Last Friday, our colleague, Mr. Gunnar Kassberg, delivered a keynote speech titled "Gateway to the German Market: Strategies & Opportunities" during a seminar for SMEs from Vietnam.

The event was organized in collaboration between the HCMC Centre for International Integration Support (CIIS), Agriculture & Lean Innovation Technology Co. Ltd., and the SEPT Competence Center. SEPT provided insights into current trends in the German economy and export opportunities for Vietnamese SMEs to over 60 participants.

Our colleague Wojciech Muras presented the SEPT approach to supporting SMEs from Vietnam in expanding into the German market, showcasing successful examples from export projects supported by our Competence Center.

SEPT, through its Export Management Advanced Training program, combines theoretical preparation for international companies engaging in export activities in Germany with on-site visits, including meetings with potential business partners and support institutions.

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Furthermore, a Leipzig delegation, consisting of experts from the SEPT Competence Center at Universität Leipzig and German start-ups, got the privilege to participate in the inspiring networking event on Monday evening at the German Business Incubator of the AHK Vietnam - Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam.

The event comprised a briefing on Leipzig's activities in Vietnam, held by Björn Koslowski (Deputy Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam) and Gunnar Kaßberg (Deputy Director SEPT Competence Center). Mr. Wojciech Muras (Business Consultant and Vietnam Coordinator) presented different activities and projects of SEPT Competence Center and International Startup Campus as well as success stories as examples of fruitful collaborations with partners from Vietnam.

Furthermore, the quick showcase of five innovative start-ups (Esumedics GmbH, Vinzubi, CYNiO, MyCarmunity, Quantensprung Consulting) from the ISC delegation was also one of the highlights. Their creativity and drive left us in awe, igniting conversations on future collaborations and possibilities.

The event was organized in cooperation between the AHK Vietnam - Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, Invest Region Leipzig, Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung of the Stadt Leipzig, and the SEPT Competence Center.