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Within the DAAD funding line "Ukraine digital", the Institute of Business and Economics Education (Prof. Dr. Roland Happ) and the Institute of Accounting, Finance and Taxation (Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann) offer online-based learning courses for students of three universities in Eastern Ukraine particularly affected by the war. A total of 6 seminars with accompanying exercises will be provided n the project “Leipzig Chance for Science” from September to December (winter semester 2022) at universities in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Sumy. Both lecturers from Leipzig and Ukraine are involved in a pair-teaching concept. The courses are taught in English and students are provided with an Ukrainian translation. The approx. 150 students receive a certificate and the opportunity to earn credit points for their studies by passing an examination. In addition to the students from bachelor's degree programs in education and social sciences, the project also supports 24 doctoral students from the three universities with a scholarship. The scholarship offers financial as well as content-related support. Further information about the project and the partners involved can be found on the project homepage (German, English, Ukrainian)

The Institute of Business and Economics Education is glad to participate in this unique project and to be able to support Ukrainian universities in this very threatening situation.