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On April 17, 2023, Professor Dr. Carmen Bachmann gave her opinion as an expert to the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag on the disclosure of income tax information in the context of public country-by-country reporting, stating in her statement: "The government draft on pCbCR is being presented at a time of upheaval in international tax law, including the introduction of global minimum taxation. Together, these - and other transparency rules - form a completely separate set of rules that sit alongside existing tax laws. Implementation will lead to immense expense on the part of companies.

The stated goal is to promote an informed public debate by creating transparency. But: How good can such a debate be if information cannot be properly interpreted by the addressees? More information does not automatically mean more knowledge. The law to be implemented on the basis of the EU Directive should use the (few) remaining design leeway to exhaust all possibilities to increase the limited information and reduce the numerous legal uncertainties. " The entire hearing and statement is available for download in the Bundestag media library under the following link: