Here you can find information abou the module 07-101-1104 "Statistics and Probability".

There is no course offering in the summer semester.

  1. Basic concepts of statistics
  2. Describing univariate data sets
  3. Describing bivariate data sets
  4. Index calculation
  5. Elementary probability theory
  6. One-dimensional random variables and their probability distributions
  7. Multidimensional random variables and their probability distributions
  8. Special probability distribution models
  9. Random sampling and sampling functions
  10. Estimating the parameters of probability distributions
  11. Hypothesis testing
  12. Regression analysis
  13. Introduction to applied data analysis with the statistical software R

The target group of the module are students of Bachelor's degree programmes in economics in the third semester.

Basic mathematical knowledge at the level of the module Mathematics for Economists is required.

The module examination is a written exam of 120 minutes.

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