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The second week of IDEA Summer School Part 3 was a whirlwind of learning and fun, as promised. Participants engaged in various intensive learning activities, including modules on understanding customers (facilitated by Jazmín Ponce Gómez) and value proposition design (facilitated by Vesa Vourinen).

Further, pitch development was on the agenda. After experimenting with methods borrowed from impro theatre for the presentation of an idea in a workshop by Mirjam Feldt and Markus Stöhr, participants crafted effective pitches of their own ideas with Konrad Sell. They then practiced their pitches in front of the whole group and received constructive feedback.

Those individual pitches turned into the integral part of the participants’ project videos that were produced just on the next day during the video development workshop led by Franziska Bausch-Moser. In the end of the week, participants had time to work on their ideas with their coaches being divided into three groups of innovators, entrepreneurs and educators.

In addition to the official workshops, our group also enjoyed some fun activities. We visited the Museum of Printing and Typography to delve into the history of typesetting and tried our own hand at printing. We also visited the Sternburg brewery to gain knowledge on Germany’s beer tradition as well as the brewing process.

On the weekend, participants discovered Leipzig’s canals by a dragon boat and learned more about the city’s industrial past.

We're now at the halfway point of the IDEA Summer School Part 3, and we've already had so much packed in. But there's still more to come, so stay tuned for more updates!


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