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The futureSAX Innovation Summit represents the annual highlight of Saxon’s start-up & entrepreneurship ecosystem and is a meeting point for all stakeholders and innovation enthusiasts. Today, on 19 of June 2024, Saxony’s best business ideas were introduced and honoured.

At the Innovation Summit, enaDyne GmbH was awarded the Saxon Start-up Award. The 2. Place went to next3D. The 3. Place went to Primogene GmbH. '45minuten" received the audience award.

We are proud of the success achieved by our SMILE supported start-up next3D GmbH. next3D developes a surgical mixed reality navigation system. With the mixed reality software platform for smartphones, tablets or data glasses, surgeons can determine the current position of the instrument in the patient. A crosshair visualizes the position in the MRI/CT images. This shows the distance to the target area or to risk structures such as blood vessels or nerves.

Together with Leipzig University’s start-up initiative SMILE, a further selection of our SMILE supported start-ups participated in the event, such as Greenhub + ESTER + WeCreate + Disaster Relief System and others in order to strengthen their relationships with investors and important stakeholders.

Greenhub Solution
The expertise lies in innovative indoor farming solutions, particularly in developing automation for the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) sector.

The start-up team ESTER from Leipzig University has developed a process that makes it possible to return PET waste to its original state using enzymes. This innovation makes a valuable contribution to the circular economy.

The core of WeCreate is the development and operation of an online network for partners and customers. WeCreate carries out analogue and cross-media activation and participation processes and advises governmental and non-profit organizations on participatory and digital processes.

Disaster Relief System
The start-up provides affordable technical equipment for immediate aid in case of a humanitarian catastrophe. The systems consist of stackable, connectable, and transportable containers for filtering Water, generating Power, establishing emergency Communication, and Clearing streets. The units are designed to be as generic as they are simple in use.

Munay Alfajores
Munay Alfajores reinterpretes the Argentinian sweet "Alfajor" and offer it as a personalized sustainable merchandising product. At the Innovation Summit, the team finished second in the audiance award. The start-up project was supported by our "Founder Kitchen", a joint project of the SMILE start-up initiative of Leipzig University and Egenberger Lebensmittel. The three-month program offers start-ups the use of a production kitchen, a coworking space and coaching in Leipzig. Learn more here.

Here you will find more information about Leipzig University’s start-up initiative SMILE, our program to support entrepreneurship, start-ups and spin-off companies at regional, national and international level.

futureSAX - the innovation platform of the Free State of Saxony - gives growth impulses to founders and entrepreneurs from Saxony and networks innovators from science and industry across industries.


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