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SEPT- iN4iN, in collaboration with ACCESS, announces the commencement of the "University of Ideas" Competition 2022. The competition is open for registration and submission of ideas by interested and qualified participants from 06 June to 31 July 2022.

With the collaboration, the competition has been expanded beyond Africa and thus invites lecturers or staff members of universities and other HEIs in the global south (Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.) to participate.

The “University of Ideas” competition seeks to identify innovative ideas that can stimulate the development of new educational and training methods, digital tools and formats in education, university-business linkages, and career enhancement in the context of employability through universities. The topic for this year’s competition is Service-learning as an educational approach to improve the employability of students and graduates of HEIs”. Therefore, we are looking forward to receiving entries that present innovative methods of applying service-learning concepts at universities to improve the employability of students and graduates.

At the end of the competition, three winning ideas will be selected and rewarded with 1,000 EUR each and the possible integration of relevant activities under the IN4IN network.

If you wish to participate, please visit the competition landing page for more information on eligibility and participation. You will find all relevant information through this link: