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We celebrate our anniversary in a big way throughout 2022 and the main event will be in September. Learn more about our history and the calendar of activities throughout the year in the new section of our website.

The SEPT Competence Center of the Faculty of Management and Economics at Leipzig University maintains today the same commitment as in 1992 when it started: to provide theoretical insight and practical experience in the management and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) internationally.

Throughout these three decades, our team of professors, researchers, coaches, and business experts, as well as the successive generations of students and alumni associated with our center, have worked hard to make SEPT a quality research and training institution that contributes both to the academic education of thousands of talented young people and the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in Germany and the world.

We want to celebrate our 30 years as SEPT Competence Center in a big way. For this, apart from the calendar of activities scheduled throughout 2022, we will meet at the main event on September 19th and 20th. It will take place at Media Campus Villa Ida in Leipzig. The venue has a limited capacity, so early registration is required for all participants.

This main event will include lectures, panels, workshops, networking spaces, and other activities that will allow all participants to learn more about our center, as well as the topics and projects we work with. We will also be able to learn together in dynamic sessions and find opportunities for synergy and collaboration among those present.

In addition, as part of our 30th anniversary, we have prepared a program of activities throughout 2022. Learn more about these activities by visiting the new section of our website dedicated to our anniversary. There you will find the complete calendar of events, as well as a summary of our trajectory since SEPT's foundation in 1992.

Visit our special web section here: SEPT 30-Years Anniversary (