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Aging roads, more extreme weather, and increasing traffic amplify the need for quick, cost-effective, and sustainable road repairs. Hot asphalt is ideal, but winter damage often leads to costly repairs with cold asphalt, harmful to the environment. RWInnoTec offers a solution: a portable system providing hot asphalt directly on-site, anytime. SMILE, the entrepreneurship initiative of Leipzig University supported the creation of RWInnoTec.

Now, RWInnoTec and Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe, along with their subsidiaries, embarked on a collaborative project aiming at revolutionizing road repair processes.

This project sought to address a common yet critical issue: the timely and efficient repair of minor damages in asphalt surfaces. With RWInnoTec’s innovative approach, minor damages in asphalt surfaces, such as potholes, can be readily addressed by utilizing hot asphalt directly on-site. The key to this innovation lies in the direct heating of asphalt using radio waves, akin to microwave heating, enabling quick and environmentally friendly repairs at any time.


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Source: Smart Infrastructure Hub Leipzig (22.04.2024)