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The futureSAX Innovation Summit represents the annual highlight of Saxon’s start-up & entrepreneurship ecosystem and is a meeting point for all stakeholders and innovation enthusiasts. On 23 of June 2022, Saxony’s best business ideas were introduced and honoured.

The inventive and innovative spirit of the Saxons has always been the driving force of the Saxon economy. In order to maintain our prosperity, we must continue to strengthen and support it in a targeted manner. Therefore, it is the task of futureSAX to promote innovations in Saxony, to make them visible, and accessible to everyone.

Together with Leipzig University’s start-up initiative SMILE, a selection of our SMILE supported start-ups participated in the event, such as Greenhub + eCovery + Greenhub + Scobytec + RWInnoTec + NanoTube + Madebymade and others in order to strengthen their relationships with investors and important stakeholders.

At the Innovation Summit, E-Vita GmbH (Dresden) was awarded the Saxon Start-up Award. The 2. Place went to Fusion Bionic GmbH (Dresden), the 3. Place as well the audience award went to eCovery GmbH, a SMILE supported Start-up from Leipzig. eCovery offers medical therapy training for various joint diseases and injuries at home (

Here you will find more information about Leipzig University’s start-up initiative SMILE, a program to support entrepreneurship, start-ups and spin-off companies at regional, national and international level.

Leipzig University’s start-up initiative SMILE

futureSAX - the innovation platform of the Free State of Saxony - gives growth impulses to founders and entrepreneurs from Saxony and networks innovators from science and industry across industries.