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Today we kicked off the Summer School year with the first IDEAS Research Colloquium of 2023 – Our overall 25th Session. Prof. Jeremiah Ugwuanyi from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) joined us to talk about "Time and Resource Management for Graduate Studies". Participants from over 10 countries attended and exchanged about their experiences of writing theses.

Laughing, we had to admit that Prof. Ugwuanyi is right in saying "Prioritization is the graduate student's oxygen".  But what is even more important than staying consistent and sticking to your schedule: Seek dialogue with peers and colleagues, because you are only competing with yourself and not with others when you try to make the most of your work. Therefore, we are looking forward to continuing these international discussions with our alumni network through our exclusive IDEA Summer School app.

-  And don’t forget: Once you have completed a chapter within your schedule, take time to celebrate yourself!