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Within our DV-Hub initiatve, the International Startup Campus (ISC) at SEPT Competence Center focuses on initiating business relationships with Vietnamese business partners such as suppliers, distributors as well as potential customers.

Our goal is to make your startup or founding team fit for the international market. The DV-Hub organizes and supports the matchmaking, the partner search and provides you with all information about the Vietnamese market. In addition, the ISC maintains an office in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and in Hanoi, which the participants can use as contact points.

When and where to?

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City): From 24.11.2022 – 07.12.2022

Who can participate?

Startups and founding teams

What is offered?

Support for individual internationalization projects and the necessary preparations, as well as financial support for the flight, hotel, coworking on site and a program

The deadline for applications is: 31.08.2022.


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