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Against all odds, this year´s graduates of the International SEPT Master Program received their certificates in a present ceremony held in the Alter Senatssaal, at the Rectorate Building of Leipzig University.

In this cohort 2020 - 2022 there are 22 graduates from 15 countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who finish their MBA in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development. Additionally, 25 students from Vietnam could successfully complete their studies within the framework of a joint master’s program with the Hanoi University of Science and Technology and the Vietnamese German University of Ho Chi Minh City. Six of these students were studying the complete semester at Leipzig, so they could also join and attend the ceremony.

When it comes to their master´s thesis, the students of the MBA program in Leipzig had dealt with business promotion projects in their home countries as well as here in the Leipzig area and in Germany itself. The different topics were focused on the effects of COVID-19 on the promotion and establishment of Small and Medium Enterprises. Without a doubt, the master´s thesis reveal that all SEPT graduates will easily be reintegrated in the job market in their home countries or in Germany to realize their projects and promote the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide.

For the graduates, says Prof. Dornberger, head of the master Program: “The possibilities for the Alumni are vast, you are always welcome to come back, and if you have any project idea, you can come to me. I will always see the way to help you to develop it."

Congratulations to all our MBA Graduates!