Here we provide helpful information about the most important financial issues concerning your study in Leipzig.

enlarge the image: A place to work at University Library, Photo: Leipzig University
MBA Program, Photo: Leipzig University

MBA Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the SEPT MBA program is EUR 6,000, payable in four installments (EUR 1,500) before the beginning of the semester. Please note that books and individual study materials are not included in the fees.

Semester Matriculation Fee

All students of Leipzig University must pay a matriculation fee of EUR 253,50 before a semester begins. An additional charge of EUR 10,00 for the UniCard must be covered in the first enrollment only. The enrollment ensures several benefits such as price reduction for alimentation and amusement in the numerous student cafeterias and clubs, special prices for cultural events in the city, the use of the Albertina Library, the computer center, and many other services. The semester fee also includes access to public transportation in Leipzig; for more information, visit Semester ticket.

Living Expenses

Please calculate about EUR 861 per month (including health insurance) to fulfill the requirements for obtaining a visa and residence permit as a student. International applicants must demonstrate that they have enough resources to cover their living expenses and costs related to their studies through:

  • Blocked bank account. A bank account with a minimum of EUR 10.332. This amount corresponds to one academic year (2 semesters), and the account can be opened from the home country.
  • Sponsorship (Bürgschaft). A person residing in Germany can be a sponsor as patron or guarantor, assuming complete financial responsibility and an irrevocable bank guarantee (see Ausländergesetz § 84 - Foreigners Act 84).  
  • Scholarships or grants. The letter of award of a scholarship and official grant documents prove the required financial support.

We strongly suggest seeing the complete requirements of the German embassy in your home country.


SEPT and DAAD have a keen interest in attracting a student body composed of talented individuals from all around the globe. Financial aid can be offered as a DAAD scholarship for the best applicants.

Please check out the DAAD Scholarship Database for an overview of where to get financial aid.

The International Center of Leipzig University offers information for International students regarding Visa and entrance, finding a place to live, and arrival in Leipzig.

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