Please see FAQ where the answers of frequently asked questions regarding the SEPT MBA in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development are listed.

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Frequently Asked Questions



A: The SEPT MBA in SME development is a post-graduate two-year long English language training program at Leipzig University dedicated to providing theoretical insight as well as practical experience for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in developing and transition countries. Participants that complete the program successfully are awarded with the academic degree Master in Business Adminsitration (MBA) in SME Development by Leipzig University.

A: As English is the language of instruction, you don't need to speak any German to apply. An intensive two-month (or longer) German course is however advisable.

A: Leipzig University offers various language programs for non-German speakers that are interested in studying in Germany. You could contact directly the InterDaF of the University of Leipzig for more information.

A: Deadline for self-financed applicants is 15th March for beginning on 1st October of the same year. Please take into account that if you're competing for a scholarship, other deadlines might apply. It is recommended to send the application at the beginning of October, one year ahead of your desired year entry to study.

A: Yes:

  1. Submit by post a complete application at least one month before the application's deadline
  2. Write a convincing application-essay explaining your actual experience and expectations, as well as the importance of this MBA in your professional development
  3. Keep your documents clear and clean.

A: Those applicants that are also applying to a DAAD EPOS Scholarship must sent the complete Application-Form for the DAAD EPOS scholarship together with the general Application-Package to the International SEPT Competence Center. Please take into account that if you're competing for a scholarship, other deadlines might apply.

A: The DAAD scholarship covers: The flight costs for the scholarship holder from his/her home country to Germany and back (when the program finishes). The Fee for a German intensive course at the InterDaF of Leipzig University (if necessary). The Fee for the whole MBA Program. A monthly payment of EUR 750, during the MBA's Program and EUR 400 during the German Course. Please note that if you are a DAAD scholarship holder and you abandon the German course or the MBA Program or you do not get your Master's-Degree within the planned time, you have to reimburse all the expenses that the DAAD has paid out for you!

A: A selection committee composed by representatives from the DAAD, the International SEPT Competence Center and the International Center of Leipzig University.

A: The tuition fee for the SEPT master program is EUR 6,000 in total; payable in four installments of EUR 1,500 prior to the beginning of the first, the second, the third and the fourth terms, respectively. Please note that books and individual study materials are not included in the fees. Additionally, please take into account that you have to dispose of EUR 861 per month for covering your basic living expenses in Leipzig. Applicants are required to provide evidence of adequate financial means to pay fees and support themselves during the SEPT MBA program as specified.

A: Accepted students have at least two years of full-time, post-undergraduate professional experience. We do take internships and cooperative education assignments into account, if they are significant for your career; however, those experiences are usually considered supplementary.

A: Yes. If you have studied in a country where the educational system awards bachelor degrees after only three years (e.g. India, Singapore, Australia, etc.), we typically require at least one year of additional study. Note: Students from India with a 3 year Bachelor´s degree are eligible to apply for a Master’s degree program if they fulfill the following requirements. Minimum grade: First division/class 60% and above or A = Very Good and above or a GPA from 3.00 onwards)

A: Normally interviews are not required. In some special cases, we may request that you have an interview by phone or in person.

A: Yes. The admissions committee looks for good qualitative skills, leadership and motivation in learning to develop small business. You can demonstrate these competencies through a variety of undergraduate majors, professional experience and extra-curricular activities.

A: It is not possible at our University. We expect you, if accepted, to be part of the SEPT MBA; you remain in the program until you successfully complete it.

A: Qualified applicants will receive the admission letter from the University of Leipzig 3-4 months before the MBA program or German course begins. As soon as you receive the admission letter, you could start the visa application procedure at the nearest Consulate or Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. For saving time, we recommend that you keep yourself informed in advance about the other necessary documents and procedures for getting a student visa for Germany.

A. No. Since the scholarship allocation is decided by a Committee, which must take into account all the received applications, it is not possible to admit any particular student before the regular process is completed.

A. Please send your complete application documents in one PDF file email to sept(at)

If your application is shortlisted, we will contact you via email and request the hard copy documents from you. Only in this case, the documents must be sent via post mail to the SEPT offices.

A: Yes! In fact, returned students are one of your best sources of information about all aspects of the program, and many have volunteered for helping candidates to complete their application process. If you want to talk to one of our Alumni, please e-mail us sept(at), we will ask one of them to contact you.

Please feel free to contact us

If any of your questions are not answered below, contact our SEPT MBA Coordinator:

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