The SEPT MBA in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development is taught by a combination of fulltime resident university lecturers and visiting lecturers.

A place to work at University Library, Photo: Leipzig University
MBA Program, Photo: Leipzig University


The main purpose of our MBA Program is to offer a practical approach that comes as close to reality as possible. Therefore, over 60% of our faculty consists of consultants and experts, who are currently active in each of the subjects taught in our program.


Prof. Dornberger is the Director of the International SEPT Competence Center and has a Professorship in development economics. His academic and professional focus is especially on innovation in SMEs, innovation policy, entrepreneurship promotion and internationalization processes.

Prof. Noor Un Nabi is a tenured Professor in the Business Administration Discipline at Khulna University in Bangladesh. A DAAD Fellow and alumnus from 2004-2006 intake of International SEPT MBA Program. He earned his PhD as a doctoral staff in the International SEPT Competence Center at Leipzig University 2010. He was a postdoctoral staff at the International SEPT Competence Center and Centre for Area Studies (CAS) at Leipzig University. Prof. Noor Un Nabi worked as a Visiting Professor in the International SEPT Competence Center in the 2016 -2018 period. His teaching areas include Global Value Chain and Development, Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Management, International Marketing, Brand Management, International Business, and Research Methodology and Data Analysis. His research areas and interests include Value Chain integration of the SMEs and sustainable development, Internationalization of the SMEs from the developing and emerging market countries, Ecosystem-focused entrepreneurship development in the developing countries, Enhancing the role of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in promoting entrepreneurship and employability skills among the students in the developing countries' contexts.

Prof. Dr. Berrones-Flemmig is lecturer and researcher at IUBH University of Applied Sciences (Germany). She is also an international business consultant, particularly for Mexican SMEs and German Start-ups in the core areas: Accounting and Finance for SMEs, Business Models and Social entrepreneurship. At SEPT she teaches the course Financial Planning. She also supports students in the development of their research concepts and master theses.

Prof. Peter M. Wald is Professor for Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Business Administration of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. His main focus is on leadership, organizational issues of modern HRM and social media. Previously, he was a professor for Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden. Furthermore, he worked as human resources manager in services companies (construction, IT-services) for several years. Furthermore, he advises organizations of various sizes and industries on issues concerning modern leadership and recruiting of employees.

Dr. Amar Anwar is an Associate Professor of Economics and Management Sciences at the Shannon School of Business, Cape Breton University. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Leipzig University, Germany, where he is working as a Visiting Professor. His areas of research include international business, emerging markets, development economics, meta-analysis, migration and remittances. His teaching experience includes international business, development economics, quantitative methods, money and banking.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt is Professor for Application Systems in Business and Administration at Leipzig University. At the International SEPT Competence Center he teaches in the field of Information Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Prof. Löbler, the former Chair for Marketing of Leipzig University is an expert in marketing topics and entrepreneurship promotion. He is responsible for the marketing module inside the MBA program.

Prof. Kappel, the former President of the German Institute of Global and Area-Studies at Hamburg (2004-2011) has vast international experience in the field of development economics. He teaches in the field of value chain, and development economics. His research focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises, African economies, and global power shifts.

Dr. Pablo Barriga is lecturer and researcher at Leipzig University (Germany). Currently at SEPT he teaches qualitative and quantitative research methods at SEPT’s MBA program. Among his research topics are subjective well-being as a component of quality of life. He also explores how other concepts such as materialism and connection to nature affect well-being. Another topic of interest is consumer behavior from the perspective of marketing as a social science.

Dr. Ana Beatriz Ribeiro teaches qualitative research methods and software-assisted analysis (MaxQDA) to multicultural groups of Master's students in Leipzig University's SEPT program.

Dr. Alwert is owner and general manager of alwert GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin. He concentrates mainly on the development and implementation of strategic management, knowledge management, intellectual capital management and reporting solutions for corporate groups as well as for SME.

Dr. Nguyen Chi Toan is an economist and expert in Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. He is currently working at EWERK Digital, a leading IT services provider in Germany. At SEPT, he teaches in the field of Internationalization Management for SMEs.

Mr. Waeltring is an economist and expert in local economic development. He worked in a large number of SME promotion projects around the world. At SEPT, he teaches management tools for the promotion of local economic development.

A cultural and political scientist, Sebastian Alexander is co-founder and CEO of VivoSensMedical GmbH. As consultant and researcher he was working in several countries in the MENA Region. He has extensive experience in the strategic development of small and medium enterprises, Start Up financing as well as in the backing of university spin-offs in the medical field. At SEPT, he teaches organizational development, creative thinking and team management.

Mrs. Struck has a long trajectory in the field of international cooperation, especially in different projects in Africa and South America. She teaches the course of project management, which she developed based on her own experiences in projects of international cooperation and SME promotion in emerging countries.

Mr. Strobel currently works as a Project Manager at Malik Management in St. Gallen, Switzerland. His works focuses on Management Education and Consulting mainly in the financial sector in the area of Management Systems, Strategy and Organizational Development, HR and Change Management. As project manager, he managed international projects in the Palestinian Territories, India and Nigeria. Martin Strobel holds a Master Degree in Business Administration as well as the German Cooperative Certification of Bank Management.

Mr. Suvelza's main research interests include innovation management, social capital and internationalization of SMEs. He runs the business simulations, holds other lessons in related modules and leads the trainings on presentation techniques. He also supports students in the development of business plans, essays, research concepts and master theses.

Mr. Frank Müller has 25 years of experience in Financial Analysis of SMEs. He also has 8 years working experience as consultant in SME Finance and Financial System Development in several projects in developing and emerging countries. Currently, Mr. Müller is working as trainer in Germany as well as in other countries for commercial as well as public banks. In SEPT, he teaches Financial System and Financial Instrument Development.

Mr. Christopher Boafo is a Junior Researcher at Leipzig University. He has extensive experience in the field of University-Business Linkages (UBL) and Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Gunnar Kaßberg graduated in Transport Economics from the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Alicante with a focus on communication and logistics. He is expert in optimizing processes in international cooperation, especially in the areas of technology transfer and the internationalization of business models, and teaches International Marketing in SMEs in SEPT.

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