Here we provide useful information about the most important current issues concerning your study in Leipzig and other closely related matters.

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Proof of Financial Support

In order to receive a visa for studying in Germany, it is necessary to prove your financial situation for the entire duration of your stay. More precise and complete information can be provided by the German Embassy or Consulate in the home country. Nevertheless, the following alternatives of financial support are the most commonly used.


A bank account in a bank in Germany with a minimum of EUR 10,332 and a monthly withdrawal limit of EUR 861 must be set up. This amount corresponds to one academic year (2 semesters) and the account can be opened from the home country. Further financing will have to be plausibly proved through the submission of appropriate documents.

Sponsorship (Bürgschaft)

A person currently residing in Germany can be a sponsor as patron or guarantor assuming unlimited financial responsibility and an irrevocable bank guarantee (see  Ausländergesetz § 84 - Foreigners Act 84).  

Scholarships or Grants

The letter of award of a scholarship and official documents of grants prove the required financial support.

Visa and Entrance

Non-European Union citizens: The application for the Student Visa must be completed in the home country, since it is not possible to obtain or change the visa once the student is in Germany. This also applies for those students from countries where a visa for entry into Germany is not needed (except citizens of Switzerland and USA). The applications must be made at the respective German Embassy or Mission.

More information (in English and other languages) about German Missions abroad here.

European Union citizens: No visa is required to enter and study in Germany; however, since the SEPT MBA Program is longer than 3 months, the students from this countries must apply for a Resident's Permit (Aufenhaltsbewilligung) at the Foreign Residents Office (Ausländerbehörde).

Finding a Place to Live

There are several possibilities to find a nice place to live in Leipzig, which is considered to one of the three best cities to live in Europe. Whether a student lives alone or with their family, the relatively low average prices of rented apartments and rooms in the city allow having good accommodation at reasonable costs.

Student Dormitories: After being admitted into Leipzig University, students can apply for a room in one of the dormitories of the Studentenwerk Leipzig. The monthly rent for a room includes costs of water, heating and energy supplies, as well as Internet connection and Cable TV. These Studentenwohnheime are located in different areas of the city and normally close to public transportation and supermarkets. Apartments with one single room and with more rooms are available, offering the opportunity to share experiences, improve the German language skills and make new friends. More information about the halls of residence of the studentenwerk Leipzig and procedures for getting a room here.

Shared Flats (Wohngemeinschaft - WG): The shared flats (the so-called WG's) are a usual choice in Germany. The flatmates, mostly students, share common areas such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, corridors, etc. and have also a separate private room. This family-like environment allows the newcomers to get familiar with the German culture, improve their German language skills and make friends easily. The prices vary according to location, size of the rooms and conditions of the flat. Several Internet sites offer information related to WG's in Leipzig, find an example at, or studio apartments at

Private accommodation: Some students (and eventually their families) might want to rent a bigger private apartment. Many firms with Internet sites offer information and service. Find an example at However, it is recommended to get familiar with the city, its zones and distances before contracting such an accommodation.

Arriving in Leipzig

In the airport/Main Station: The airport of Leipzig is 14 km away from the city and takes a short trip with a train or a taxi, as the best options, which cost approximately EUR 6 and EUR 30 respectively.

Some flights arrive in other important airports of Germany. If a train trip is necessary, please search, reserve or buy tickets here. Please remember that in Germany, the tickets must be purchased before boarding a train (Deutsche Bahn).

Most of bus and streetcar (tram) lines make a stop at the Main Station.

First days: For the first days, a place to stay in Leipzig may be necessary. Some inexpensive accommodation options are listed below:

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