iN4iN offers tailor-made consulting services in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and university-business linkages for technology transfer, to support organizations across multiple sectors, including start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large companies, universities, public institutions, and international development cooperation agencies.

enlarge the image: A building of Leipzig University, Photo: Leipzig University
iN4iN Program, Photo: Leipzig University


We support organizations in the enhancement of a culture of innovation in developing countries, through the design and implementation of programmatic projects where we diagnose:

  • the root causes inhibiting success
  • implement key innovation managing systems
  • work on initiatives to showcase new ways of working, and
  • serve as active members of key governance functions of innovation.

Entrepreneurship Promotion

We foster conditions that will enable more universities in developing countries to establish:

  • Entrepreneurial Education Programs and
  • Entrepreneurship Support Centers

Furthermore, we include businesses and business associations in Germany and developing countries, allowing new approaches to sustainability at the university and business levels.

University-Business Linkages

We support the process of assessing the strategic and operative management of Technology Transfer Units at:

  • offices, centers, projects, parks at universities from developing countries

The above contributes to the higher purpose of promoting closer cooperation between universities, businesses, and public institutions, towards technology transfer for economic development and foreign direct investment.

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