Here you can find information about current research as well as new publications at the IEW.

Current Working Papers



  • Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik, Universität Münster, September 2015
  • IW-INFER Workshop on European Integration, IW Köln, July 2015
  • European Economics and Finance Society, 14th Annual Conference, Brussels, June 2015
  • AEL Conference: Entwicklungsökonomischer Ausschuss, IfW Kiel, June 2015
  • Rimini CEA, Growth and Development Workshop, Rimini, May 2015
  • IWH-UL-UH-W Nowcasting and Forecasting Workshop, November 2014
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität der BW Hamburg, September 2014
  • RWI Research Network Conference on the “Economics of Education”, June 2014
  • IWH-INFER Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy, March 2014
  • Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE) Conference, University of London, December 2013
  • IWH-CIREQ Workshop on Forecasting and Big Data, IWH, December 2013
  • CESifo Workshop on Political Economy, ifo Dresden, November 2013
  • European Economic Association Annual Congress, Gothenburg, August 2013
  • 4th Conference on Recent Developments in Macroeconomics, ZEW Mannheim, July 2013
  • Workshop on Fiscal Policy and the Great Recession, IWH, June 2013
  • INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Sciences Po Aix en Provence, June 2013
  • Bildungspolitische und diskriminierungsbedingte Verzerrungen in der Lehrevaluation, Konferenz: Methodische Probleme in der Evaluation, Universität Leipzig, June 2013
  • Stata Users Group Meeting, London, September 2012
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Göttingen, September 2012
  • 31st CIRET Conference, Vienna, September 2012
  • DIW SOEP 2012 10th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference, Berlin, June 2012
  • ZEW 3rd Conference on Recent Developments in Macroeconomics, Mannheim, June 2012
  • Asking Sensitive Questions: Theory and Data Collection Methods (Minikonferenz des quantitativen Methodenzentrums), Leipzig, June 2012
  • AEA National Conference on Teaching Economics, Boston, May 2012
  • CESifo Workshop Political Economy, ifo Dresden, December 2011
  • Macroeconometric Workshop 2011, DIW Berlin and FU Berlin, December 2011
  • Southern Economic Association, Annual Meeting, Washington DC, November 2011
  • Macro and Financial Econometrics Conference 2011, Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics, Heidelberg University, September 2011
  • Beeronomics - The Economics of Beer and Brewing Conference 2011, Weihenstephan/Munich, September 2011
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Frankfurt am Main, September 2011
  • American Economic Association, Committee on Economic Education, National Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Palo Alto, June 2011
  • Eastern Economic Association, Annual Conference, New York City, February 2011
  • CESifo Workshop Political Economy, ifo Dresden, November 2010
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Kiel, September 2010
  • CESifo Area Conference on Law and Economics, ifo Munich, March 2010
  • SOEP User Conference, DIW, WZB Berlin, August 2010
  • Tagung in der Reihe normative und institutionelle Grundfragen der Ökonomik: Ökonomik in der Krise?, Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, March 2010
  • United Nations WTO Colloquium and Summit on Mega-Event Sustainability, Johannesburg, March 2010

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