Since its foundation in 2001, the professorship has been dedicated to sustainable water and resource management in teaching and research.

Complex demands on the social use of resources result from the sustainability requirements and goals: e.g. B. their long-term protection and conservation, their efficient use and their fair distribution. At the same time, climate change makes it clear that citizens, services of general interest, the economy and society must adapt to changes in the availability of resources and to rapid environmental changes.

In connection with economic activity and social change processes, we examine synergies and conflicts that arise between the different uses of resources. The focus is on sustainable water and resource management. We are interested in the multidimensional effects of natural, technical and institutional options for action at operational, municipal and national levels and the resulting consequences for sustainable water and resource management. The sustainable use of water resources is closely related to services of general interest, societal material flow management in economic systems, land use decisions and climate protection efforts.

We see our contribution here as an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary interface between business or economic explanations and approaches to solutions and analyzes from the natural and social sciences or solutions from engineering sciences.

The professorship was donated by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment in 2001 and was held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. directed by Robert Hollander.

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