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Research Interests

  • Agent-based modelling

  • Ecological and environmental economics

  • (New) Institutional economics and economics of law

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2017      Researcher at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Department of Economics
 2014 - 2021 PhD studies on "The Value of Decentralized Private Water Service Provision in Intermittent Water Supply Systems: Coupled Hydro-Economic System Analyses of Formal and Informal Water Markets in Jordan", supervised by Prof. Dr. Erik Gawel (Department of Economics) and Prof. Dr. Karin Frank (Department of Ecological Modelling) (submitted 02/2021)
 2014 - 2017 Research at the Chair of Economics, especially Institutional Environmental Economics (Prof. Dr. Gawel), at Leipzig University and guest researcher at the UFZ Department of Economics, Project Integrated Analysis of Freshwater Resources Sustainability in Jordan
2011 - 2014 Researcher at the UFZ Department of Bioenergy for the topic of agent-based modelling of transregional land-use effects of bioenergy policy  
2010 - 2011 Research assistant at the UFZ Department of Economics and the Department of Environmental and Planning Law: Project Policy Mix
2008 - 2009

European Master in Law and Economics at the Universities of Hamburg (Exchange to the George Mason University, Arlington, VA), Ghent and Haifa

2002 - 2008 Legal Studies at the University of Mainz


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Other publications