If you are planning to do a PhD at the Chair of Sustainable Banking and Finance, as the next academic step, you will find all the important information about the process and further procedure here.

General conditions

In principle, the Chair offers interested and qualified university graduates the opportunity to do a PhD in economics. On the one hand, there is the classic "internal" PhD programme, in which you work on your doctoral studies and at the same time participate in the Chair in a scientific manner. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of an external doctorate at the Chair, where you do your doctorate while working. In both cases, the aim is to create the right conditions for you to successfully complete your doctoral project within two to three years.



For both internal and external promotions, you create several individual publications on a specific topic (cumulative procedure). The common goal is that the papers you write have a realistic chance of being published in a renowned, peer-reviewed journal. As a rule, the papers will have a quantitative or empirical character and relate to the research areas of the Chair (exceptions confirm the rule!). Throughout the entire doctoral project, you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas (and problems) at the professorship at any time.



Admission to the doctoral procedure is subject to the Promotionsordnung of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. All formal requirements for admission are regulated there. In addition, they should ideally

  • have an outstandingly business-oriented degree (Master's/ diploma/ state examination in the subjects of business studies/ economics, business mathematics, business informatics, business education, industrial engineering, mathematics or statistics)
  • in addition, a very good knowledge of English is indispensable, as the dissertation will be written in English.

Next steps

If you are interested in a PhD at the Chair, please send an E-Mail for further arrangements. In addition, you will find below cross-links to further information that may help with formal questions.


Complete PhD procedures

  • Dr. Marcus Scheffer (2011-2016, internal, current employer: ERGO Group AG)
  • Dr. Christopher Bierth (2013-2016, internal, current employer: B&W Deloitte GmbH)
  • Dr. Felix Irresberger (2013-2015, internal, current employer: Leeds University Business School)
  • Dr. Hendrik Supper (2012-2014, internal, current employerr: d-fine GmbH)
  • Dr. Tobias Berens (2011-2014, external, current employer: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG)

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