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Inaugural lecture of the guest professor Dr. Amar Iqbal Anwar on 19.11.18

Title: Spillover Effects of FDI in Africa: BRICS versus Developed Countries


Compared to multinational corporations (MNCs) from advanced countries, emerging countries firms may have a comparative advantage when operating in developing countries. Emerging markets are cost-effective, able to perform more efficiently and there is a less technological gap between the host-home countries firms. In addition, firms from emerging markets are more capable of handling bureaucratic hurdles, inadequate infrastructure, and political instability in developing countries than their counterpart firms from developed countries. Therefore, the question is whether the South-South foreign direct investment (FDI) generates more spillover than North-South FDI?

During the last decade, Africa has been one of the best performing regions in the world relative to FDI inflows. Historically, OECD is the largest FDI source for Africa. However, emerging multinational corporations (EMNCs) from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (collectively termed as BRICS) have made a considerable progress investing in Africa in recent years. The proposed project addresses two important research questions in this context: are the returns on investments by firms from BRICS countries operating in Africa higher than those from developed countries? Second, do FDI from BRICS countries create similar spillover effects in African economies as developed countries MNCs do?

Datum: Montag, 19.11.2018
Veranstaltungsort: Neues Seminargebäude, Raum: S 402
Zeit: 09:15 bis 10:45 Uhr

All interested parties are cordially invited!

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