Dr. Andreas Hoffmann  

Dr. Andreas Hoffmann

Contact: ahoffmann(at)wifa.uni-leipzig.de
Homepage: www.a-hoffmann.info

Dr. Andreas Hoffmann is affiliated with the Institute for Economic Policy. He is an experienced researcher and lecturer interested in monetary policy, international finance and financial development. Dr. Hoffmann serves as associate editor of Economics Bulletin and co-editor of ThinkMarkets Blog. He is also a member of the selection committee of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Courses Taught

  • Development of Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Monetary Policy and Financial Stability
  • International Economics
  • European Integration
  • Economic Policy

Selected Publications

Military Casualties and Exchange Rates During World War I: Did the Eastern Front Matter? The Economic History Review. (with Pablo Duarte and Marcel Freidinger)

Surplus Liquidity, Central Bank Losses and the Use of Reserve Requirements. Review of International Economics 25, 5, 990-998 (2017). (with Axel Löffler)

The Collateral Effects of Political Integration on Credit Growth in the New Member States of the EU. Economic Systems 40, 4, 658-669 (2016). Policy Shifts and Financial Instability in Emerging Markets. Review of Development Economics 19, 3, 455-469 (2015). (with Bjoern Urbansky)

Low Interest Rate Policy and the Use of Reserve Requirements in Emerging Markets. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 54, 3, 307-314 (2014). (with Axel Löffler)

A Vicious Cycle of Manias, Crises and Asymmetric Policy Responses – An Overinvestment View. The World Economy 34, 3, 382-403 (2011). (with Gunther Schnabl)  

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