Dr. Alexander Fink  

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Institute for Economic Policy
University of Leipzig
Grimmaische Straße 12
D-04109 Leipzig

Email: alexander.fink(at)uni-leipzig.de
Website: www.alexander-fink.com
Phone: +49 (0) 341-9733564
Fax:     +49 (0) 341-9733569

Room: 242
Office hours: by appointment


Journal Articles

"German income taxation and the timing of marriage." Applied Economics, forthcoming.

"The Political Economy of State-Owned Lotteries." Journal of Consumer Policy, 41(3) 2018: 257-272 . [Download]

"Donations to political parties: Investing corporations and consuming individuals?" Kyklos, 70(2) 2017: 220-255. [Download]

"U.S. Housing Prices and the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" (with Thomas Stratmann). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 117 2015: 309-326.[Download]

Kidnap Insurance and its Impact on Kidnapping Outcomes (with Mark Pingle). Public Choice, 160(3-4) 2014: 481-499. [Download]

Free Banking as an Evolving System: the Case of Switzerland Reconsidered. The Review of Austrian Economics, 27(1) 2014: 57-69. [Download

Political Entrepreneurship and the Formation of Special Districts (with Richard E. Wagner). European Journal of Law and Economics, 35(3) 2013: 427-439. [Download]

The Impact of Nobel Prize Winners in Economics: Mainline vs. Mainstream (with Peter J. Boettke and Daniel J. Smith). The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 71(5) 2012: 1219-1249. [Download]

The Effects of Party Campaign Spending under Proportional Representation: Evidence from Germany. European Journal of Political Economy, 28(4) 2012: 574-592. [Download]

The Hanseatic League and the Concept of Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdictions. Kyklos, 65(2) 2012: 194-217. [Download]

Bandit Heroes: Mythical, Social, or Rational? (with Nicholas A. Curott). The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 72(2) 2012: 470-497.[Download]

Norms in Sports Contests: The Tour de France (with Daniel J. Smith). Journal of Sport Management, 26(1) 2012: 43-52. [Download]

Institutionalized Bailouts and Fiscal Policy: Consequences of Soft Budget Constraints (with Thomas Stratmann). Kyklos, 64(3) 2011: 366-395. [Download]

Under What Conditions May Social Contracts Arise? Evidence from the Hanseatic League. Constitutional Political Economy, 22(2) 2011: 173-190. [Download]

Comments and Shorter Papers

"Governance Without a State? Policies and Politics in areas of Limited Statehood meets Positive Political Economy of Anarchy: A Review Essay." The Review of Austrian Economics, forthcoming. [Download]

Institutions First (with Peter J. Boettke). Journal of Institutional Economics, 7(4) 2011: 499-504. [Download]

Book Chapters

Agent Type, Social Contract, and Constitutional Mythologies (with Peter J. Boettke). In: Alain Marciano (ed.) Constitutional Mythologies. New York: Springer, 2011: 25-37.

Working Papers


Fields of Interest

  • Political Economy
  • Institutional Economics
  • Law and Economics
  • Economic History

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position
Since 11/11Assistant Professor, Institute for Economic Policy, University of Leipzig

Past Employment

06/11 - 10/11Postdoc, Max-Planck-Institute of Economics, Evolutionary Economics Group, Jena, Germany



Ph.D. in Economics, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States


M.A. in Economics, Universitiy of Hamburg Germany

Fall 2006

Visiting Fellow, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States

Fall 2005

Visiting Student, University Sorbonne-Panthéon Paris I, France

10/04M.A. in Business Administration, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
03/04Visiting Student, Claremont Graduate University, CA, United States
10/03Visiting Student, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
03/2001B.A. in Business Administration, March 2001, University of Lüneburg, Germany

Other Experience

01/11 - 05/11
01/10 - 05/10 01/09 - 05/09

Teaching assistant with Dr. Thomas Stratmann, Econometrics I
(graduate), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States
08/09 - 05/10Research assistant with Dr. Richard Wagner, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States
08/08 - 05/09Research assistant with Dr. Peter Boettke, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States
05/08 - 06/08Teaching assistant with Dr. Thomas Stratmann, “Intermediate
Microeconomics” (undergraduate), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States
08/07 - 05/08Research assistant with Dr. Thomas Stratmann, George Mason
University, Fairfax, VA, United States
03/07 - 08/07Project collaborator with CatCap GmbH, Hamburg, Germany:
Corporate Finance Consulting
03/07 - 07/07Teaching assistant with Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Allgoewer, “Economic
History and History of Economic Thought” (undergraduate), University of Hamburg, Germany

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