10.09.18 18:10

Financial Markets in the Global Economy: the History of Bubbles, Crashes and Inflations

This course introduces students to the history of monetary policy, of financial markets, and financial crises. The course covers the two waves of globalization of 1880-1914 and 1980-2008 and the de-globalization of finance that happened during the Great Depression. A long run perspective on the 2008 financial crisis and Eurozone crisis will be provided through several historical case studies of stock market crashes, banking panics, currency crises and sovereign defaults. Finally, the course explores how central banks responded to financial crises in different historical periods and covers the main evolutions in monetary policy over the last two hundred years.

Lecturer: Professor Albrecht Ritschl (Department of Economic History, London School of Economics)
Date: October 22-26, 2018
Venue: Leipzig University, room tbd
Registration: until October 1, 2018 via email: sprenger(at)wifa.uni-leipzig.de. The course is designed for at most 25 participants.

Further information can be found here.

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