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26.09.2016: New publication by Prof. Schnabl and Dr. Hoffmann

A. Hoffmann and G. Schnabl have contributed a paper titled "Adverse Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies" to the current issue of the Cato Journal.[mehr]

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12.08.2016: New Working Paper by Pablo Duarte

The working paper "Capital Inflows and Fragmented Credit Markets in Latin America" is now available online.[mehr]

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04.08.2016: New publication by Dr. Hoffmann and Prof. Schnabl

The paper "Monetary Policy in Large Industrialized Economies, Emerging Market Credit Cycles, and Feedback Effects" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Policy Modeling.

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13.06.2016: New Publication by Pablo Duarte

The paper "The relationship between GDP and the size of the informal economy: empirical evidence for Spain" was published in Empirical Economics.[mehr]

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21.05.2016: New publication by Dr. Hoffmann

The paper "Collateral Effects of Political Integration on Credit Growth in the New Member States of the EU" was accepted for publication in Economic Systems.

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