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14.01.2016: Working Paper by Dr. Hoffmann and Pablo Duarte

The working paper "War News and Exchange Rates During World War I: Eastern versus Western Front" is now available online.[mehr]

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11.01.2016: Publication by Dr. Hoffmann

The paper "Monetary Policy, The Composition of GDP, and Crisis Duration in Europe" (with Nicolas Cachanosky) will be published in the Global Economic Review.

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17.12.2015: Publication by Alexander Fink

The policy paper "Asylum migration and barriers to labor market entry" by Ph.D. Alexander Fink was published in IREF Policy Paper Series No. 2015-1, December 2015.[mehr]

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09.12.2015: Publication by Kristina Spantig

The paper "The Role of the Financial Sector in Enhancing Economic Growth in Lao People’s Democratic Republic" was published in Asia-Pacific Development Journal, Vol. 22, No. 1, June 2015.[mehr]

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08.12.2015: Publication by Sophia Latsos

The paper "Do federal reserve bank presidents have a regional bias?" by Sophia Latsos was published in European Journal of Political Economy, Volume 40, Part A, December 2015, 173–183.[mehr]

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