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19.01.2018: Two-Population Social Cycle Theories

Andreas Hoffmann and Eugene Callahan (NYU, Tandon School of Engineering) published a paper on two-population social cycle theories in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology (Emerald Publishing Limited).[mehr]

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26.05.2017: Comparing Neoliberal Concepts of the State

What is "neoliberalism"? Often a misused word, which can't be reduced to one theory! That's one of the conclusions in Pablo Duarte's review of the book  "Neoliberale Staatsverständnisse im Vergleich"...[mehr]

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20.04.2017: The Use of Reserve Requirements in Emerging Markets

Andreas Hoffmann's and Axel Löffler's paper on Surplus Liquidity, Central Bank Losses and the Use of Reserve Requirements in Emerging Markets was published in the Review of International Economics.[mehr]

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18.04.2017: Neue Veröffentlichung von Dr. Alexander Fink

Das Papier "Donations to Political Parties: Investing Corporations and Consuming Individuals?" wurde in der Zeitschrift KYKLOS International Review for Social Sciences veröffentlicht.[mehr]

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15.03.2017: Neues Arbeitspapier von Prof. Schnabl veröffentlicht

Das Papier "The Failure of ECB Monetary Policy from a Mises-Hayek Perspective" wurde als CESifo Working Paper veröffentlicht.[mehr]

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