Master VWL Winter 2018/19  

Institutional Disintegration and International Trade

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
Tutor: David Herok
Date: 14./15.01.2019
Room: I411
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper
Deadline term paper: February 1, 2019

Modul: International Economics 07-202-1102
This seminar is one option (out of three) for the seminar of the module International Economics.
Guidelines for the term paper can be found here.

Introduction and Term Paper Selection

There will be an introduction to the seminar on Tuesday, October 16, at 11:15 in Room SR 1. Students will receive general information about term paper topics (see list below), deadlines and the course of the seminar. Recommendations and guidelines for writing scientific papers are also given.

Seminar introduction

Seminar Topics

1.Economic Causes of World War I
2.International Trade during the Inter-War Period
3.International Trade Liberalization and Growth after World War II
4.India's Independence, Trade, and Growth
5.The Breakdown of the Bretton-Woods System: Causes and Consequences
6.The Fall of the Soviet Union and Trade in the Comecon
7.Bretton-Woods II and Global Imbalances
8.Institutional Design, Migration and Growth
9.Implications of Brexit for British Trade and Growth
10.The Sino-American Trade War
11.Historical Experiences of Dissolving Currency Unions
12.Competitive Devaluations: The 1930s and today
13.The German Export Industry and Currency Devaluation

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