Master VWL Winter 2017/18  

Development Economics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Volz
Date & Time: 19.12.2017, 9:30am
Room: SR 15 (I 301)
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper and student presentation
Deadline term paper: 18.02.2018
Modul: International Economics 07-202-1102
This seminar is one option (out of three) for the seminar of the module International Economics.
Guidelines for the term paper can be found here.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to central themes in development economics. The current challenges of developing and emerging economies will be given particular attention. Topics that will be addressed include, inter alia: poverty, inequality and growth; idustrial policy and the role of foreign investment in economic development; trade and economic growth; institutions, geography and policies; the middle-income trap; financial sector development and economic growth; does financial globalisation benefit or hurt development?; sustainable development and environmental challenges; the resource curse; and the aid debate.

Students will obtain a good overview of the major concepts of economic development and the factors that drive or inhibit development. Previous knowledge of development economics is not required.

The detailed syllabus will be distributed to the inscribed students.

Introduction and Term Paper Selection

There will be an introduction to the seminar on Monday, October 16, at 13:15 in Room SR 5. Students will select term paper topics (see list below) and receive some information about the course of the seminar and relevant deadlines. Also, we will present some recommendations and guidelines for writing scientific papers.

Seminar topics

1.Poverty, inequality and growth
2.Industrial policy and the role of foreign investment in economic development
3.Trade and economic growth
4.Institutions, geography and policies
5.The middle-income trap
6.Financial sector development and economic growth
7.Does financial globalisation benefit or hurt development?
8.Sustainable development and environmental challenges
9.The resource curse
10.The aid debate

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