Master VWL Winter 2016/17  

Monetary Policy Challenges in a Globalized World

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
Tutor: Sebastian Müller
Date: 12./13.12.2016, 09:00
Room: 12.12.2016: I411, 13.12.2016: S202
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper (guidelines) and student presentation
Deadline term paper: 06.12.2016
Submission: Ms Mazny (Room I239) no later than 12am
Modul: International Economics 07-202-1102
This seminar is one option (out of three) for the seminar of the module International Economics
Guidelines for the term paper can be found here

Seminar topics

1.The Development of Public Financial Institutions during Japan's Lost DecadesGerstenberger
2.Ultra-low Interest Rates and Quantitative Easing - Distributional Effects on the Banking SectorMüller
3.Low Productivity - The Outcome of Secular Stagnation or Low Interest Rates?Müller
4.Low and Negative Interest Rates as a Risk to Financial Stability?Gerstenberger
5.Helicopter Money as a Crisis TherapyMüller
6.China in the Global Low Interest Rate EnvironmentHerok
7.The Role of Capital Flows for Economic and Political Stability in Latin AmericaHerok
8.Origins and Consequences of the Global Commodity Price Boom between 2001 and 2014Müller



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