Master VWL Sommer 2017  

Seminar International Economic Policy (Master)

Seminar Topics

1.Brexit! Grexit? The Political Economy of the EMU and the Future of the Common CurrencyLatsos
2.Global Currency vs. Currency Competition: Which Way to Go?Müller
3.Power to the Central Banks: Can a Sovereign Money System ("Vollgeldsystem") Guarantee Economic and Financial Stability?Müller
4.The Future of Money: Fiat Money, Commodity Standard, or Blockchain?Müller
5.The Future of Banking: Fractional Reserve Banking or Free BankingMüller
6.Ultra-low Interest Rates and Quantitative Easing - Distributional Effects on the Corporate SectorMüller
7.7 Years of Ultra-low Interest Rates - Are the Traditional Transmission Channels of Monetary Policy Still Working?Latsos
8.Rethinking Monetary Policy Targets - Is Inflation Targeting Enough?Latsos
9.Exit-Strategies from Ultra-low Interest Rate PoliciesMüller
10.The Cashless Economy - Opportunity or Risk?Latsos
11.Growth Effects of Internally and Externally Imposed Financial RepressionLatsos
12.Dealing with Financial Market Exuberance Through Macroprudential MeasuresMüller



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