Seminar International Economic Policy SS 2016  

Development Economics

Lecturer: Dr. Ulrich Volz
Date and Room: June 21st, Room SR 15 (I 301)
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper (guidelines)
Term paper submission: t.b.a.
Credits: 5,0
Enrolment: Please send an Email to Mr. Stefan Wollschied



Course Contents and Learning Objectives

This course provides an introduction to central themes in development economics. The current challenges of developing and emerging economies will be given particular attention. Topics that will be addressed include, inter alia: poverty, inequality and growth; gender discrimination and economic development; sustainable development and environmental challenges; the role of agriculture in economic development; industrial policy and the role of foreign investment; trade and economic growth; the role of institutions, geography and policies; the legacy of colonialism and slave trade; the middle-income trap; financial sector development and economic growth; microfinance; the effects of financial globalisation; currency and debt crises; the resource curse; natural resources and violent conflicts; corruption; global rules and policy space for developing countries; the aid debate; and the role of the state in economic development.

Students will obtain a good overview of the major concepts of economic development and the factors that drive or inhibit development. Previous knowledge of development economics is not required.

Course Requirements and Grading

Students are expected to attend the entire seminar and actively participate in discussions. The course requirements are as follows:

1. Course participation: Students are requested to look at the required readings (marked with an asterisk in the reading list which will be made available to registered students) as preparation before the seminar and actively contribute to discussions in class.

2. Class presentation: Each student shall give a 15 to 20 minutes long presentation in class on one of the topics listed below. Presentation topics will be assigned before the start of the course. Upon registration to this course, students are requested to list the five topics (in order of preference) they are most interested in presenting and send them via email to Mr. Stefan Wollschied. The topics will be allocated taking account of students' preferences; there is, however, no guarantee that everyone gets their preferred topic. The discussion in class will be built around the presentations.

3. Essay: The essay should be written on any of the class topics listed below (irrespective of the topic which the student will present on). Submission deadline is 23:59 CET of 15 August 2016. Essays should be emailed to the lecturer. For essay guidelines, including length, see this page.

Seminar topics

2.Poverty, inequality and growth
3.Inequality and poverty traps
4.Gender discrimination
5.The role of agriculture in economic development
6.Industrial policy and the role of foreign investment in economic development
7.Trade and economic growth
8.Institutions, geography and policies
9.The impact of colonialism and slave trade on economic development
10.The middle-income trap
11.Financial sector development and economic growth
12.Does financial globalisation benefit or hurt development?
14.Land and water grabbing in developing countries
15.Sustainable development and environmental challenges
16.The resource curse
17.Natural resources and violent conflicts
19.The aid debate
20.The role of the state in economic development
21.Global rules and policy space for developing countries

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