Master VWL Winter 2015/16  

Seminar International Economic Policy (Master)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
Organizer: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke, Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer, Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
Tutor: Björn Urbansky
Seminar Topic subscription:
NEW DATE and TIME - Tuedsay, 12th April 2016, from 9am till 12am in the office of Raphael Fischer (I 247)
June 20th/21st 2016
Albertina, Leipzig University (Beethovenstraße 6)
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper (guidelines)
Submission deadline for term paper: 16.06.2016, 12:00 a.m.


1.The Adjustment of the Japanese Banking System in the Post-Bubble Recession (1990-2015)Gerstenberger
2.Non-Performing Loans and Forbearance Lending in the Japanese Banking SystemFischer
3.Household and Corporate Saving in a Low-Interest Rate Environment: Japan and Germany in ComparisonUrbansky
4.Unconventional Monetary Policy and Income Inequality in JapanLatsos
5.Japans Economic Policy Response to its Long-Term RecessionUrbansky
6.Central Banks and their Impact on Business Cycles: The Failure of the Fed PolicyLatsos
7.The Future of Monetary Policy: a World without Inflation? Latsos
8.The Impact of the Ultra-Easy Money Experiment on the Economic OrderHerok
9.Public Debt and Monetary Expansion as a Way out of Secular Stagnation?Latsos
10.The Political Economy of Capital ControlsHerok
11.Is European Monetary Policy a Regional and Fiscal Policy?Latsos
12.Are Fiat Money Systems Stable?Urbansky
13.Low Interest Rate and High Growth in ChinaUrbansky
14.The Currency War between China and the US: Next Round?Herok
15.Lessons from Gold Standard and Bretton Woods for a New Global Fixed Exchange Rate SystemFischer
16.The Persistence of the World Dollar StandardGerstenberger
17.The Shadow Banking System as Proxy for a Free Banking System?Herok
18. The Impact of  Expansionary Monetary Policy during Boom and BustLatsos
19.The Economic Consequences of Negative Nominal Interest RatesUrbansky
20. Monetary Policy as Fiscal PolicyUrbansky



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