European Integration  SS 2015  

Lecturer: Dr. Andreas Hoffmann
Tutor: Juliane Gerstenberger
Start: 9.4.2015
Date: Thursday, 11:15 - 12:45 Uhr
Room: Seminar room 13 (I274), institute building
Language: English



Main Texts

Baldwin, R. and Wyplosz Ch., The Economics of European Integration, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill,  2012.

De Grauwe, P., Economics of Monetary Union, 9th ed., Oxford University Press, 2012.


This course is part of the module International Economic Policy, which also comprises a course in Economic Policy as well as a seminar in Development Economics. Two-thirds of the module grade will be based on a written exam covering the two courses. For the seminar you will write a short term paper accounting for the remaining one-third of your module grade.

Contents (Subject to changes)

1.History and Institutions of European Integration09.04.2015
Economics of Economic Integration and EU Policies
2.Economics of Preferential LiberalizationBackground: Essential Micro for Tariff Analysis (by R. Baldwin)16.04.2015
3.Growth Effects and Factor Market Integration23.04.2015
4.Labor Market Institutions: Unemployment in the EU30.04.2015
5.Common Agricultural Policy07.05.2015
6.Economic Geography, Regional Policy and Convergence
History of EMU
7.The Early Years of European Monetary Integration04.06.2015

Guest Speaker @ Econ Department:

Sahra Wagenknecht

"Eurokrisenpolitik gescheitert, Sozialabbau beendet? Griechenland und die Folgen für Deutschland und Europa" 18:30, HS 1

9.The European Monetary System11.06.2015
Macroeconomic Policy in the EMU and Future Challenges
10.The EMU as an Optimum Currency Area?18.06.2015
11.Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union02.07.2015
12.Euro Area Imbalances and (Greek) Debt Problems (Tuesday at 3:15 pm)14.07.2015
13.EMU Enlargement16.07.2015
14.Questions and Answers (Economic Policy & European Integration)16.07.2015
15.Written Exam31.07.2015


You are asked to draft a one- to two-page essay (500 – 750 words) to practice your writing. Choose any topic from our website. The essay is due on April, 30th 2015.

Juliane Gerstenberger will help you deal with the material and answer questions related to the course and the essay assignment.

Essay topics

2.Discuss how the Euro Crisis threatens the European integration process
3.Discuss the overall impact of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy on farmers in developing nations
4.Discuss the pros and cons of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
5.Discuss the European Union's prospect as a model for regional integration
6.Does economic integration need political integration?
7.Should the Czech Republic/Poland/Hungary join the Eurozone?
8.Some countries argue that the monetary union needs a common fiscal policy to match the common monetary policy. Evaluate this view.
9.‘The crisis that started in 2007 has shown that central banks cannot just focus on price stability. Financial stability is as important.’ Comment.
10.Proposals to return the world to the gold standard are regularly put forward. Evaluate the pros and the cons of this idea.

Students can also choose their own essay topic.

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