Seminar "Growth and Development in Africa and Beyond" Sommer 2020  

Seminar "Growth and Development in Africa and Beyond"

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
Tutor: Taiki Murai
09.07.2020 - 11.07.2020
To be graded: Term paper (guidelines)
Topic subscription: 10.04.2020. Please write an email with your three preferred topics to murai(at)
Submission deadline for term paper: 3.7.2020.

This seminar is in line with the conference „Afrika: Entwicklungspolitische Strategien und Perspektiven“ at Ausbildungszentrum Deutsche Bundesbank in Eltville (09.07.2020 - 11.07.2020). Please bear in mind that attendance of the conference is obligatory.

Seminar Topics

1.Hyperinflation in ZimbabweIsrael
2.Monetary Policy in the West African Economic and Monetary UnionIsrael
3.The Economic Consequences of French Colonialism in the Maghreb RegionIsrael
4.An Economic Analysis of Anarchy in SomaliaIsrael
5.German Colonialism and Economic Development in NamibiaIsrael
6.Import Substitution as Industrialization Strategy in Latin AmericaSonnenberg
7.A Comparative Analysis of British vs. Spanish ColonizationSonnenberg
8.The G20 Compact with Africa: A New Approach to Economic CooperationSonnenberg
9.Informal Institutions and Long-Term Growth in AfricaSepp
10.Development Aid, Dutch Disease and GrowthSepp
11.Informal Labor Markets and Growth in Developing CountriesSepp
12.Human Capital Investment and Life ExpectancySepp
13.Female Labor Force Participation in Developing CountriesSepp
14.The Role of Institutions for Growth and DevelopmentMüller
15.Economic Partnership Agreements and Growth in Developing CountriesMüller
16.Development Aid: Well-meant, Poorly Executed?Müller
17.Lucas Paradox in Africa; Why Does Capital Not Flow from Rich to African Countries?Murai
18.Financial Repression and Economic Growth in AfricaMurai
19.The African Debt Crisis in the 1980sMurai
20.The Economic Consequences of Japanese Colonialism in AsiaMurai



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